Wednesday, September 16, 2009



As most of you know the boys went back to their ROOTS well at least where they were born and went to the FSU/Miami game with their dad.. And couldn't possibly pass up this opportunity! Keller is supposed to be this stud.. he looks like he's gonna throw up! And here's Preston look at his pose!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Best Friends!

A little over a week ago we had Addison's cousin Lily come over to play. Now a little about their relationship. It has gotten soooo much better.. but they have a love hate relationship with each other. They can't wait to see one another and play but after a little bit they can't take it anymore and have to be split up! Again... they have gotten alot better on this. You can actually have an afternoon where they play with very little fighting.. Anyways.. Lily came to play and Addie rushed to her and said come on lets go play. I can hear Addie's little drawers from her makeup table opening and closing.. This is what happened next..... they even had to take out each others hair and fix it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Keller Arrested

Keller got to sit in a cop car outside the FSU/Miami game on his birthday.. What a great birthday present huh.. Luckily it was Uncle Matt that came to the rescue!

Yesterday was Keller's 12 birthday so he was in Florida with his dad and Preston to watch the big game. He hung out with Parker and Uncle Tim and Aunt Carson and even got to spend the night with Uncle Matt and Aunt Jami.. We didn't get to celebrate his birthday here yet so that post will come soon!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Addison is 3!

My little Princess turned 3. All she talked about was her Dora birthday! We were lucky to have my mom here and most of Cory's family. She was so excited to eat her Dora cake and sing "Happy Birthday to Addie" she even sang it all day. And luckly most of her present had to do with Dora.. Here are a few pics. I know they are late ... But better late than never!

Ellie got some paper stuck to her head!



Turns out my computer has a virus! Ugghhh but I am using Cory's computer so I can post pictures! YAAAAHHHHH