Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carter Easter

Better late than never right! And really this is more for me to remember than everyone else. A typical Carter Easter, Grandma Carter would get all the prizes. Everyone had to have the same amount. Everyone had eggs and there is always a pinata. Can we say FUN!! This was our first one without Grandma Carter but it was still great to have the tradition. This was also Ellie's first year to really understand and look for eggs. She had so much fun. She would find an egg and move on. Then she would fall and they would dump out and she would see the eggs and think they were all new eggs. It kept her really busy. Next the pinata and they had a blast. Oh I love traditions and I hope that we can continue. I know Grandma Carter was looking down and loving the day as much as we were!

Space Derby

Preston had his space derby a few weeks ago. Cory was out of town. But they managed to get it all together in time. He was so excited. Preston loves to work on things and make and repair and clean. He works hard. So he pretty much did the whole thing by himself. Unfortunaltly he didn't win. But he still had lots of fun!
(And yes it is Pink and Purple. I tried to talk him out of those colors but that what he wanted!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Shoe giveaway!

Who doesn't love shoes!! My husband thinks I have way to many.. Go to
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