Thursday, May 28, 2009

The little train that COULD!

I talked to my sister in law the other day and she and I and anyone else that wants to are doing a "biggest loser" type deal. I have been having trouble loosing the weight from Ellie not to mention the last little bit from Addison. I am making it a point now to state it on here so that I can update and be held accountable.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dating at 9

So the little girl that Preston had a crush on is no longer in the picture. He has moved on. Now it is Marissa. But what Preston has told me is that now Kirsten (the previous girlfriend) is jealous and has been telling Marissa that he is CHEATING on her. Oh boy!

Then we find this in Preston's back pack.

(if you can't see what it reads click on the picture)


Yes that's what I thought I was walking in on. Only to find out she fell asleep like this.

The BIG game!

It took me awhile to post this one because I forgot that I took the picture. And I couldn't figure out how to get it off my phone. but about a month ago Preston played a ball game against his cousin Ryker. The boys were both really excited and they had grandma's and aunts there to cheer them on. Preston played pitcher and 1st base and even catcher. Ryker was excited because the week before he hit a grandslam! So he was still on a high from that. And Cami is the excited mom in the stands coach. Ryker got up to hit and she was there yelling. He got up to be the catcher and she was there to coach him behind the fence. After Ryker was done being the catcher he told the umpire to tell his mom to be quiet! All in all is was great game. I don't know who won but it was ok because they went out there to have fun!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't Panic!

Addison is ok! She has just been having a fever and being very tired. Cory though had me take her to the dr yesterday for possible SWINE FLU! Yep, I felt like the over active mother. Addison has been acting very tired and irritable since Sunday and then had a fever peeking at about 102. And not coming down and having chills. After Cory advising me that we have to take all precautions he had me get her into the dr yesterday. He checked her out and did a strep test because her throat was red but it was negative. So, we have been laying around watching TV and movies and not getting much done becuase she is wanting to be snuggled. She has to have her blanket and pillow and this dog that Im about to throw out! This is when a mom needs more hands, arms, or whatever.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fly Fishing

Cory has been dying to go camping and fishing. Since the weather lately has been so unpredictable we settled with going to a trout farm. You pay $15.oo to fish for an hour. But they stock the water with tons of trout. Everybody caught a fish but me. I was the last to go. So I guess they had evnough of what we were giving them. Bumpa even showed up to watch or more like babysit. Addison had fun with catching but the got easily distracted by the dead flowers. She kept blowing them. But would take that first breath to blow and inhale a bunch of flower tops. We even saw a lady that brought her pet bird. As she fished it sat on her shoulders. The kids had a fun day and a good way to teach the kids how to fly fish!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day the kids and Cory made me breakfast walked me out blind folded. Preston made me a flower pot with flowers. Addie at nursery made me a flower pot with fake flowers and followed me around the whole day "happy mother's day" I would hug her and say thank you and put them down. Then she would pick them out and say it all over again. This would go on over and over again. It was a wonderful and beautiful day full of family and love! I can't express how greatful I am to be a mother. To have my children and to have the experiences of life with them and watching them learn and explore and become their own selves. Thank you guys!

Chubs- @ 6 months!

We have nicknamed Ellie "chubs" funny thing is according to the Dr. she's not. Ellie had he 6month check up yesterday. What I can't believe is number one that she is 6 months. That flew by way to fast. She was weighed. And now weighs a whopping 12 pds 14 ounces. Not near as big as she feels or looks. Now don't get me wrong. She is small. But she looks alot bigger than 13 pds! They do all those tests weighing, measuring, all that stuff. Ellie's weight is in the 5% and her hight is just under the 50%. So, she is below average. I guess we are just judging her on what Addison looked like. Ellie has rolls that Addie never had!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kid's Market Day

At Preston's school they have a kids market day where they have earned money for doing good things and so on. The kids bring in things that they want to sell. Preston had about $10 in kids money and brought things to sell which meant he could get more money. To make a long story short. He came home with a piece of candy for him and this for Addison a Princess Clock. Her eyes got so big and had a big smile and she carried it around all day long, and as character to Addie she had to sleep with it. Preston later told me that kids were making fun of him for buying it. But he said he didn't care. That he saw it and new Addie would love it! Thats my boy!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keller and Graffiti!

Ok.. sounds bad. Well it is but it's funny too. Keller's name is written on the playground across the street at the park. Someone has written in big letters in the tunnel of the playground
I love Keller. I tried to take a picture but one wouldn't come out good enough. Oh well!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not Much

Well, there really hasn't been much to report lately. Just getting our lives back in order from Europe. And the week after we got back Addison got sick and then Ellie and then I did. But, I don't think swine flu was an issue over there when we were there. So, we are ok on that department. We have just been very busy with boys starting baseball and me making watches and doing boutiques! Thanks for the support.