Monday, March 30, 2009

A broken heart

Well I wrote a while back about Preston and the little gal he was trying to swoon. Well, he was told by her friend on Friday that she broke up with him. This totally broke his heart. I have never seen him so down about something like this. He got home wrote a letter saying something like. I heard you wanted to break up with me is this true? Yes or No. I still like you. Then on saturday. He was trying to brush his hair and had a cow lick. He tried to brush it down and didnt succeed so he cut it off. Then decided that the front bangs weren't even enough so cut them as well. He is really trying to impress this girl.( what is wrong with her! she and I may have a little talk for breaking his heart) So Cory had to buzz it. Then he woke up nervous for school this morning. I told him to go in there act like nothing was wrong and start liking some other girl. The poor guy.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The other Man

Edward Cullen

The Party

Yes, although my husband hates it there is another man in my life. His name is Edward Cullen. My friend Melissa and I threw a party in his honor for the release of his movie on DVD. It was a lot of fun we ate fondue, played pin the tail on the werewolf, who can get closest to Edwards lips, and just some book trivia. Then we watched the movie. It was a lot of fun. Melissa and I had fun putting it all together and hanging out with other girls and laughing. Cory would come out of hiding(where I banned him with the kids) to see what we were up to and sneak some food. He did say he could hear us laughing and loved it. So, maybe Twilight will grow on him. He says out of principle he will not watch the movie or read the books. I know some things I won't do for him until he does. We'll see who wins!Melissa trying to kiss Edward but we put her husband there.

Cami trying to kiss Edward. But got my wall instead.

Twilight Release

My friend Melissa and I went out with her sister at midnight to the release of the Twilight DVD. We had to go because the next night we were watching it at a party we were doing and if we had not had it then that would be a silly party. It was fun to go out with the girls and be fun and crazy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Perfect Sign

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stealing Hearts

Preston came home today and said that he has a girlfriend. Well, Preston's Birthday is on Saturday so we are bringing cupcakes tomorrow to school. When we got to the store they had these cupcakes so we picked them out. Then as we were leaving Preston asked if he could get a flower put on one of the cupcakes so that he can give it to his girlfriend with a note asking if she likes him. Isn't it pretty? If I were the girl I would totally say yes!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, I haven't posted in a few weeks. I have been really busy with trying to get ready for leaving to go to Europe with all the kids. Getting stitches out, and just daily family and household duties. But a funny story, Cory went to California about a week ago. And the airline lost his car keys, the only one we have to his truck! So, we had to get a copy from the dealership which didn't work because the ignition had been changed. Cory tried to fix it himself, and finally a locksmith had to come. Anyways... I had to go with Cory to get the truck which means I had to bring the girls. So, sitting in a car seat for 4 hrs with not much to do gets boring. At one point when we were in a parking lot making phone calls I took Addison out of her car seat. When I put her back in she wasn't happy at all. She starting screaming and crying. Then I got her calmed down and she says

Addison- "Mom I'm stuck"
Me- "Your stuck"
Addie- "Yes I'm stuck."
Me- "How are you stuck"
Addie-"I'm stuck in my car seat. I can't get out"

Cory and I laughed so hard. I mean.. what do I say after that?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My New Project

Look at how cute this is! I just made it. It's a wipe case!

A life or Death Situation

well for a 2yr old that is!

The culprit.

The Victim

The Battle Wound

Addie got her finger stuck in the vent of the oven and when she pulled it out it cut her finger pretty good. I took her to the dr last night and he gave her some stitches. She was pretty brave. She cried real hard when the dr came in and looked then cried even harder and tried kicking him while her numbed her hand. Then she calmed down and when we put her on the table she cried. But when she turned and saw him starting to put the stitches in she screamed and got the look of horror on her. So, what else could I do to calm her down? Promise her a princess dress. That shut her up real good. She only wimpered. She was so brave. She picked out the Tinkerbell dress. And when we walked out of Wal-Mart she said she has a Tinkerbell dress and now she can fly!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Addison's Flower

Cory came home the other day and new just what Addison and I needed. He brought me these beautiful spring flowers and knowing that Addie would love some to got her a flower. He asked the lady to give him a cheap pretty one because he knew it would be destroyed. Addie loved it she kept smelling it and saying it smells good. And how "beautiful" it was. It made her day. She carried the flower around and we put it in a vase on her dresser. She got it down and wanted to hold and smell it and spilled water all over her bed. But she LOVED it! Thanks Daddy!