Monday, July 27, 2009

Car Wash

This was from a few months ago. On the day that Preston decided to clean his room, Addie's room clean my car out and wash it and then clean my whole storage room. He took Addison outside and they washed my car. So cute!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Family

We finally did it we had the best photographer ever thanks to Matt and Jami. Their photographer from the wedding came all the way out from Florida and she did family pictures for us and Cory's other sister. They are great! I just wish she would come back every year to do pictures! Clink on this link

to look at our pictures and Cami's and even Jami's wedding and engagements!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jami and Matt

This past Friday we celebrated Jami and Matt's wedding. Those of you from back home in Tallahassee know him as Matt Copelin or officer Matt!They got married on Friday the 17th of July. I have to brag because if it wasn't for me this wouldn't have happened. Actually I didn't do much but introduce them and let things just kinda go how they would. Well it worked and now Jami and Matt are married. YEAH! Here are a few pics from the beautiful yet VERY HOT day!

thats my girl gotta have a coke fix

cute picture of the flower girls( and Cami couldn't be left out)

suddenly Addison decides to pose! (she did NOT learn this from her mother)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baseball 09'

We have been so busy this summer with baseball. Preston played machine pitch then moved the next week and played kid pitch. And up until the very last game never swung once at the ball. Finally we told him he will owe us money if he doesn't swing. So, he did.
Keller had a great season. He pitched a few times until his arm started to hurt. But the first game he pitched he struck out 5 players. Then he hit 2 home runs this season. And now they are in the tournament. Plus, he may be doing all-stars I didn't get any pictures of Preston but here are some from Keller hitting and being the catcher.

Father's Day

This have been busy with weddings, farewells, and just summer. The boys weren't with us for Father's Day but the girls gave Cory the present. I had a book made for Cory hard bound with pictures from over the years and saying from the kids about things that they remembered. It was really neat. And something different.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Episode

Addison has suddenly become free! The other day at church she was running in the hall. I had Ellie in my hands so I just thought that I would wait for Addison to come to me and I would stop her. She never came so, I started to walk the hall and I came around the corner and Addison was at the water fountain with all her clothes off. And I mean ALL!

Then yesterday and Keller's game I forgot the change her out from underwear to diapers (because we are potty training.) She had an accident and hated that her dress and underwear were wet. So she tore off her clothes again. It was a big fight trying to get her to put and keep them on. I think this is beginning to be a problem!

Stuffing Addison's Shirt

Well, I don't have a pic of this one. But I will have to tell it anyway. I was getting dressed the other day and Addison is picking out stuff from my closet telling me "this is a pretty dress" and so on. So, I was putting on makeup and Addison says "look mom" I look over and she has taken some of my nursing pads and stuffed them in her shirt. Then she says "now I'm like Mommy"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Additon

The boys had some friends over today and they played outside for a bit then decided to try to go fishing. That went unsuccessful so they grabbed the bug nets and caught some minnows. By the time they got home they had it all planned out. Their friends were going to let them have their tank they had pieces of bread in the bowl and were naming them. The strategy line was "you know how you said we could have a pet" They weren't to thrilled with me when I told them that they had to throw them back. Poor guys.