Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Camera Switch

We had a mix up. Over Halloween we went to Utah to stay with family and do the finals on selling our house. We left our camera. We went back down a few weeks ago and go it back. But after getting home and to our surprise.... it was the wrong one! My father in law has the same camera but they got switched., which means... no pics for Halloween or Thanksgiving. But we still have lots to tell

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Our Halloween carving. We had so much fun. Ellie loved it until I sat her next to her pumpkin with the candle lit. Then she went nuts as you see.

Family Temple Day

We just took a day. Of course I couldn't get the boys in any. And the ones I did they aren't happy and look forced so I didn't put them on.

Jackson Hole

We only live about an hour away from Jackson Hole now. So we decided to take our first Saturday that we didn't have to pack/unpack/or move to go have a break. Keller took his friend Conner and boy were they in heaven. It turns out there was some huge soccer tournament and there were tons of girls their age there. We went to some 50's diner and ate. There were some girls there that were trying to get their attention, so like mom does to embarrass I wrote a note with their phone numbers and sent it the girls way. Boy you should have seen how excited these girls got. All giggly and smiling. The boys were not happy. All in all we had fun and it was great to get away. And by the way.. Addie is quiet to poser.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

13 Really??

I am not old enough to have a teenager! But Keller turned 13 and boy does he ever act like a teenager. We had our Uncle Kelly and Aunt Keri and their family come for cake and ice cream. My niece Kayla who just moved her to go to BYU-I even came. We had lots of fun celebrating. Happy Birthday Keller.

Bob Cats Attack!

Just a few weeks after moving to Rexburg Addison got signed up for the Little Bobcats. She along with a few of her cousins learned a few of the high school cheers and she danced to "Grease Lightning" oh she loved it! She still does the cheers at least once a day. And now Ellie follows along and tries to do them. it think we may have some future Madison Cheerleaders.

Addison is 4

Wow.. I can't believe how big she is. They grow so fast and time flies so quickly! We were able to have a birthday for Addie before we moved. She had a few of her friends. And then all of our family was there. Happy Birthday Addison!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keller Football 2010

We talked Keller into doing football this year. He wanted to do all competative baseball. We moved here to Idaho and got him into football for something to do and so he could meet some friends. He loves it! And is on fire this year!! In their first game he scored the only touch down for their team and they won by 1 point. And the 2nd game he scored 2 touchdowns a pretty long pass. He is so happy! Here are a few pics from the last 2 games. He is number 10. Doesn't he look great.

The Move!

It's been a while and I have lots of posts. But I have to download and get through all my picture. We just moved about 2 weeks ago from Utah to Idaho! COLD Idaho as I am told. And right now we still don't have all of our stuff together and situated. We moved into a house about a quarter of the size of our old house. The pluses....

1. Close to family
2. Small town and we love that.
3. small house means its fast to clean (everyone can take a room and its done)

1. Farther away from other family
2. no malls!!!
3. smaller house means faster to get dirty!

we hope to be out of this rental and in a new home by Feb... wish us luck!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pioneer Days 2010

Pioneer Days is the celebration of the pioneers coming to the west. So there is alot of activities and things going on. We met up with our friends early one morning to wait for the Ogden City Pioneer parade... LONGEST parade ever we left after 2 hours.. and they didn't throw any candy. So the kids were bored. but it was still fun.. Then later that day we spent with Cory's family and grandpa eating fried chicken and talking. Then we came home and watched the fireworks from our back porch. It was great! So, Happy Pioneer Day!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nana's for more Fireworks!

We went over to Nana and Bumpa's house for fireworks on the 5th of July. Lily and Ryker (they are our cousins) were there and having so much fun. I showed them how to do double dutch. Although it has been years so I wasnt able to do it.. Especially with ropes that are to small. As the fireworks went off it was great the girls made up dancing while the lights flickered in the dark. A great way to end the weekend.

girls watching the snake fireworks.

Ellie and her 4th of July crown.

more snakes.

Addie posing. Its what she does best.

Ellie playing in the flowers.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Yellowstone, WY

This is the rest of our trip inside of Yellowstone..

Shirt says it all

Old Faithful in the background

Buffalo hanging out on the side of the road.

In front of Old Faithful

at the lodge in Yellowstone Keller being a great big brother helping..

Yellowstone on the 4th of July

We met some of our friends from Idaho up in Island Park, Id and went camping. First day was nice. We got everything set up kids were playing and having fun. Boys went fishing. Came back with nothing. But it was only the first night. Saturday we went to W. Yellowstone. Its a cute tourist town right on the border of the Yellowstone National Park. We saw lots of shops and Huckleberry ice cream, cow boy boots, It was great. We went back that night to the campsite and had fun making smores and talking and laughing..
Sunday we got up went to church in W. Yellowstone.. HOLY COW it was full.. every room in the building was full just for sacrament. It was crazy. Then we took a drive into Yellowstone Park.. We went to Old Faithful, saw some hot pots, we saw deer, elk, coyote, bison and bald eagle. Thats the most I have ever seen there.When we got back our friends later that night wanted to go back and see the fireworks for the 4th in W. Yellowstone. Cory and our family we were really to tired. So we stayed.. then come to find out that put on a show right there were we were staying.. Right over the lake. Addie and I had front row seats! Cory stayed at the trailer with the boys and watched them while lying in bed.. All in all it was such a great weekend. And we all had alot of fun.

Camping our favorite past time.

This year we went camping over Memorial Day with Cory's aunt and uncle. The kids had a blast. They ran around after their cousin's Lacie and Dawson the whole time. We had fun playing kick ball, everyone included flying kites and just relaxing..