Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grandma Carter

I write this post with a heavy heart. Cory's grandma passed away this afternoon from a long illness.. I remember walking into your home almost 5 years ago and being introduced to you.. You couldnt remember my name so all that you could get out of it was Big Mama and I must be Hawiian. Which later became a huge joke for everyone. I guess I was just one of the many that got a fake name until either we were gone or soon after seeing things were getting serious you had to figure out what our real name was. I truly enjoyed going over a few times a week and visiting with you and Grandpa Carter. It gave not only you something to do... but time for me to learn about you .
I will never forget how you always opened your home to everyone. It didn't matter who, what, why whatever it may be if someone needed to be there you had a place for them. A place for them to be comfortable. I truly owe you so much credit for taking in and treating my boys no different from your other grandchildren. And I know that they felt that love from you. I also know that they didn't notice any difference. They always called you Grandma and Grandpa Carter. I am so glad to know that my children now have been able to meet you. I wish the younger ones could have spent more time. But I know that they will have many great memories.
I have heard of your great deeds here on earth. That you would give to anyone and I have seen and witnessed it. I know that you have a great work to do.. You are and were a WONDERFUL example. Keep up the good work.. Watch over us and have some fun~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Bend and Snap"

Everyone has seen the Bend and Snap from Legally Blonde. We were watching it one day and Addison got up and started doing it. So then Ellie (who really is a clone of Addie) had to copy and now that is their new thing. Only problem is I could never get the both of them to do it together. So we have two videos.

Ellie doing the Bend and Snap and dancing to "single ladies"

Addie's turn.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Russian Pelmeni

If you don't know Cory served his mission in Russia. So last night we decided to spend time as a family making Pelmeni. Its similar to Gyoza's. But the Russian way is to eat them in a soup. That is just beef boullion and sour cream. Very simple.. and takes a bit of getting used to. And they fill you up. Addie ate a bit and Ellie ate hers and everyone else's.