Sunday, January 31, 2010

Make Over

As you all well know Addison loves make up. There is not a day that goes by that she doesn't put on makeup.We got her a Barbie makeup for Christmas this year that has all kinds of make-up and a nice carrying case. All was quiet on the home front. And with any mother you know that means kids are up to no good. I peeked around the corner and Ellie had become Addison's test subject.. Ellie turned got up came to me.. and really believed that she was BEAUTIFUL!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lots of Updates

Sorry with holidays and just daily life. I have been so busy and forgotten to post alot.. Hope you enjoy!


Oh boy do we love Cheesecake in this family. And it got passed down to everyone. Addie wanted some but I asked her to put it on the counter until she ate her food. Ellie was able to get it. This is what I walked in to!

I Believe In Miracles

Saturday was one of the scariest days of my life. We went out for Addison to take some pictures for Cory's cousin's website. It was cold outside and Cory was worried about Ellie. So we started walking back to the car. All of a sudden I saw everything in slow motion. Cory slipped on the ice and Ellie literally slammed her head on the ice. You could hear it. Then she went out. She was knocked unconcious. We tried blowing in her face talking to her everything we could think of with out moving her. Then finally had to call an ambulance.(luckily the were right across the street) after what felt like a life time but about 5 min or so.. She finally started coming through. But not moving. Just opened her eyes.. No cries nothing. They took Ellie by ambulance to the hospital strapped the a board and still barely any cries. After a few hours and a CAT scan they said she looked good but had a concusion. I was shocked that her skull did not crack or anything.. But we were prepared for a black and blue face. The next day.. barely a THING. seriously.. I took this picture.. Again all I can say it I believe in Miracles.. and I believe God was watching over her that day.. Thank you sooooo much!

Dance You Pants Off

Addison has been taking dance for a few months. She LOVES it. When she has dance she wears her leotard all day long.. Even long after it is over. She has picked up on the routine that they are learning for their recital in May.(she started a few months late)
Addison had dance one day. We came home I was making dinner. She ate a few bites and the next thing I know.. This is what we found..

Preston's Spotlight

Preston had a Christmas concert. He was so excited and would walk around the house singing and singing and of tune... singing.. He also had a little group and one girl sang a solo and a couple kids played the bells.. Preston even had a bell solo.. What was really cute is we took the girls, my mom, my niece, my nephew, and my sister. Addison kept calling Preston and waving.. She loved seeing him..