Friday, March 25, 2011

St. Patricks Day

We wore green.. although for some reason in these pics no one but Addie has it on. But I made all green food. Green Pesto, green bread. Addie was excited because she had school and wanted to pinch everyone. What a fun day!

Mischievous Ellie

This girl get into everything. If I am not constantly over her shoulder she causes complete chaos. She keeps my life busy!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Don't I wish! I just got back from Los Angeles this week. My husband works for Fiji Water and Pom Wonderful. They are based in L.A. There was a natural food convention so I tagged along.
First on my list was to go to the Price is Right. YAH!! A life long dream. My sister lives in L.A. so she and I made our T-shirts got our name tags and were ready for our names to be called. Hey, I can be hopeful..Our shirts say G.R.I.T.S. for Girls Raised In The South. I will tell you I was taken back by the set. SOOOOO SMALL and SOOOO 70's I don't think that they have changed the decore since the show started. The best part about it all was when a lady got called down to contests row. She got so excited jumping up and down hugging her friend. And then.... her wig fell off. She could not recover or get it fixed straight. People all over the audience where trying to help her get it back on right. I even think Drew Carey walked over to see if he could help. It was great!

Next we went to Anaheim for the food convention. And let me tell you, the diet I was on went right out the door. I should have known that by just the word "food" convention. Luckly though alot was all natural and all YUCKY! But there were also some great YUMMY stuff.. Well that is the extent of my vacation to Cali. It was so nice and refreshing to get out into some sun and wear sandles the whole time I was there. And spend some much needed time with my hubby...