Thursday, October 21, 2010


Our Halloween carving. We had so much fun. Ellie loved it until I sat her next to her pumpkin with the candle lit. Then she went nuts as you see.

Family Temple Day

We just took a day. Of course I couldn't get the boys in any. And the ones I did they aren't happy and look forced so I didn't put them on.

Jackson Hole

We only live about an hour away from Jackson Hole now. So we decided to take our first Saturday that we didn't have to pack/unpack/or move to go have a break. Keller took his friend Conner and boy were they in heaven. It turns out there was some huge soccer tournament and there were tons of girls their age there. We went to some 50's diner and ate. There were some girls there that were trying to get their attention, so like mom does to embarrass I wrote a note with their phone numbers and sent it the girls way. Boy you should have seen how excited these girls got. All giggly and smiling. The boys were not happy. All in all we had fun and it was great to get away. And by the way.. Addie is quiet to poser.