Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wolves and Bears Oh My!

Yes I am finally posting. We have made the move to our new house so it has been a process. But here's a fun post. A few weeks ago we had some friends come up and visit us. We live about an hour from Yellowstone and so we decided to go take a drive up there. They have a town on the edge of the park called W. Yellowstone. There is a nature preserve that had bears and wolves. I was very impressed with how neat this was. With only 2 thinks to look at it kept us and the kids very entertained.
In the bear habitat they removed the bears and let the kids go and hide their food. The kids put in under logs in holes etc. Addison found the perfect spot. Her face was great when the bear went straight over to her food. Then the bear sat down for a little relaxation and I mean they sat. Like a person. It was also fun to see them wrestle each other. Next was the wolves. They were completely enclosed no food hiding for these guys. But it was still an awesome thing to see. Ellie got so excited when one came to the window to look at her she took my camera trying to take pictures. So, if anyone is heading this way I highly recommend this place. We have family coming next month and hope we get to take them there.