Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Doesn't this just make you want to smile!

Trunk or Treat

Last night was trunk or treat. Cory was so good. I haven't been feeling well the last few days so he took the kids got costumes dressed them up and took them to the ward Halloween party. Addie is actually going to be a China Girl and wear her dress her dad got her from Korea. But I guess she saw the princess stuff and had to have that. Keller is at the age that he wants to be "scary" so he is the grim reaper. And Preston who has changed what he wants to be about a billion times ended up choosing a Nija. What fun!

Reading Herself To Sleep

A few weeks ago Addie was having a not so good day. Just one of those grumpy days. We couldn't get her to take a nap even though I know that would have made all the difference. While staying here at her "nana's" house Addie has an unlimited supply of books! Her nana buys them and has tons already here. Addie sat in a corner and helped herself. As long as she was happy I wasn't going to mess with her. But I did notice it was getting a little to quiet. And anyone with a toddler knows what that can mean. I peek over and this is what I see!

She was out cold!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Big Step for MOM!!

Along with the fun girls weekend. Cory's sister has been trying to get me to cut Addison's hair (she is a hair dresser). She has told me that if I cut Addie's hair it will grow faster and thicker. This was very VERY hard for me. It's my first girl and my baby still. But after talking to several other people and hearing all the same thing I finally agreed. Addie had a blast. She thought she was so beautiful and just kept smiling at herself in the mirror. Cami made the first cuts and decided that they needed to go shorter. So, I had to leave the room. But seeing the finished product she looks so cute!

Don't you agree!

Girl's Fun Weekend!

This weekend was the opening of the Deer Hunt. Well it is a tradition that all the guys go to Strawberry (a lake) and camp for the whole weekend. The girls all got together and went out to my sister in laws house and just chilled the whole time. It was so nice. We watched movies talked laughed (alot of laughing while my sister in law had taken an ambien) and curled ribbon for hair bows. Addison and her cousin Lilly who is 4 months younger had so much fun. They did get to a point that they got tired of each other. Addie and Lilly would want the same toy and Lilly would grab Addie's hair or shirt and just stand there and look at us. While Addie cried and yelled to let go. It was really hard not to laugh. After Addie's hair cut she kept pretending to comb and style Lilly's hair.We have decided it is going to be an annual thing like the Deer hunt.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tagged Twice!!

I will try to do this.. One is from my sister in law. The other is from my friend(cousin long story).

Tagged * 8 things

T.V. shows I love to watch:

1. Ghost Hunters (especially now that Halloween is close)
2. American Idol
3. Office
4. Trading Spouses
5. Dancing with the Stars
6. Wife Swap
7. I can't think
8. of any more!

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. P.F. Changs
2. Cheesecake Factory
4.Crackle Barrel
5. Guthrie's (from back home in Florida)
6. The Loop (another Florida Special)
7.Red Lobster
8. Olive Garden

8 things that happened yesterday:

1. Got the kids ready for school
2. Made a few bows
3. Watched Annie with Addison
4. Did laundry
5. Made potato bar for dinner
6. Watched Ghost Hunters
7. Helped "Nana" cut out ghosts for story time
8. Read my book "the Glass Castle"

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. closing on our house
2. moving in our house
3. having the baby
4. Not getting kicked in the ribs anymore
5. Decorating our house
6. Not feeling so stressed
7. Cory not being so stressed (like that will ever happen)
8. The holiday's (I love Thanksgiving and Christmas)

8 things I love about fall:

1. Changing of the leaves
2. snuggling under warm blankets with the cold outside
3. having soups and stews and chili's ( I love soup )
4. Mint Chocolate cocoa
5. Buying presents and getting ready for Christmas (but not until after Halloween)
6. Watching the kids play in the snow
7.Halloween candy that you never see until now!

8 things on my wish list:

1. Be in my House (can I not stress this enough!)
2.Celestial Kingdom! But we all know I'm going there anyway.
3. AGAIN.. Cory to be stress free for one day!
4. Not have migraines I hate those suckers!
5. Not worry about money and just spend
6.Kids would listen the first time I say.
7. Have a maid
Be more creative

Tag: Jayna, Sarah and Lindsey

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Movin' On Up.. To the West Side!

I didn't think this day would come. Well, it hasn't officially yet. But, we have decided on our house. And we have a close on the 24th. But we may push it back a week or so, so that they can finish the basement. It's a brand new home in Hooper.(Layton/Syracuse area for you guys that don't know where Hooper is)
The school is almost directly behind our house and again there are 27 kids Preston's age just in the primary for 8 yr olds. They have to have 3 classes! This right now is the only picture that I have. But I will get more later. Thank you for all your prayers and help.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Updates on our Family!

Names: As you all can see. Leighton won on the name game. But Cory has informed me that he does not like that name. Which stinks because I think its so cute. And I was even thinking about doing Leighton Capri. But now.. Ugghh. I can't.. So another possible name game in the future. Or you guys can always give me suggestions that I haven't thought of.

Pregnancy: I don't know if some of you know or not. But I'm not due till the end of November. But I have had a few complications again. Mild Preclampsia, early contractions, and dialated. But we went to the Dr. today( Mon) and got some reassurance he said things are looking good and he feels pretty good about this week. He even gave me a 2 week appointment instead of the 1 week he had me doing before. But he also reminded me that things can change very quickly. But he said as of Friday if I go into labor he won't stop anything. Or even need to give me steroids because I will be far enough along that they don't worry about the baby as much. And they have found the babies tend to be really well and don't need to be in NICU.

House: PLEASE GIVE A CHEER! Boy here we are waiting looking for houses and not finding anything. Then all of a sudden we find 3 we like. We put offers in on all 3. Two of them took our offer at the same price and both have a closing date of 2 weeks. So we have had a big decision to make. We came up with Pros and Cons. We liked one house better, but one lot better than the other. Why does this have to happen! We have to have the final decision tomorrow. We are waiting on a few answers about some things on one of the houses .(if they will include some things we want and at how much) So, that will help us with the final decision. My only thing is I hope that the baby stays in until we at least get into our house.
*** oh yes and get this. Preston is our social butterfly. We found out the house we are leaning toward has 27.. 8 yr old kids in the ward! 19 of them are boys. Will he be in heaven or what.

Hunting: I'm sure your thinking were does that fit in with baby, house and names? Well this is for Cory and the boys. They love to hunt and over UEA ( fall break here in Utah) the guys go hunting. Which will be this Thur, Fri. ( they go Thur-Sund) Well, ha ha.. Cory and my brother in law are trying to get me to go. YEAH RIGHT!
Now I love to camp. We even have the trailer which in my condition now and in the cold makes it so much better. But ....
1. Im up in the mountains far far away from any hospital if something happends this weekend.
2. I will be the only girl. (that means cook for the men)
3. Babysitter of bored boys (because we all know these boys are going to get bored out of their minds looking sitting still and having to be quiet!)

So... Tell me.. Would you want to go either!

Carter's: We are doing well and surviving. It has been cold lately and has even snowed. But our trailer has heat. And the kids have had fun. The boys go to school all day. Addie loves to watch "Annie", Wizard of Oz. and Iron Man( yeah way different contrast) Cory is working hard as always. And constantly feels stress. But is that new?

This is the full update on our family.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Name Game Again

Well, I only had a whopping 16 people vote. And the top names were with
1. Lyla
2. Capri

I don't think I'm dead set yet on either and although Capri is growing on me Cory still thinks its funny. So, We are going to put down a few more names and do another poll. I just like to see what people like. Plus.. if personality has anything to with names. I can tell you right now she is going do be one active little bugger!

Plus.. I would love to have comments on any name suggestions that you guys have. So, lets hear them!

(This time the poll will be on the right hand side of the screen)

*side note. There is a song on my play list called Capri. Its a sweet song about a lady being pregnant and names the baby still in her tummy Capri. Very cute.