Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mission Impossible

Culprit- cute and innocent right? (yeah)

Mission-get over the gate.. (notice the use of pillows)

Prize-spending time with Aunt Mami

Aunt Jami and Uncle Matt are here.. And Addison can't get enough of them. She keeps going down stairs.. So I locked the gate. Went to shower and when I got back. I saw the pillows piled up. She said she had to see if Matt and Mami were still sleeping.

A new "DO"

Ellie Stylin' a Hat
I secretly took this picture.. Couldn't get a better one because she took it off right after.. Dang it

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ellie's New Best Friend

This is our dog Dexter.. He has got to be one of the best dogs ever never gets mad as much as the kids crawl all over him. She follows him around everywhere and crawls back and forth over him. He will get tired of it and walk out of the room. Thats what he did this time and went to lay down in the laundry room.. And of course she followed.. Poor thing.

Friday, December 4, 2009

A little scrape

Addison got a cut on her foot.. Little little one and I couldn't even see it.. She thought the only way to make it feel better was to put diaper rash medicine on it. This is what I found when I walked in.

Bubbles Bubbles and More Bubbles

Addie loves to blow bubbles.....

Ellie loves to eat them!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ellie's 1st Birthday!

Sorry Ellie for putting this up so late!

We had a great little first birthday for Ellie.. I was gonna make her a cake but Addison told me we bought her's at the store so we have to do the same for Ellie..
Ellie wasn't real sure about what to do with the presents and the cake. We had her aunts and uncles and grandparents over so it was alot of fun. I think Addison got to play with Ellie's presents more than she got to.


We have been all over lately. We were in California and go home Halloween day and had to get the kids ready and we had family coming of for a little Halloween party. But it was lots of fun.

Ellie is a cat, and Addison is tinkerbell

Friday, October 23, 2009

We have a Climber!

Thats right.... If there is anything to climb into or climb on Ellie does it.. These are some from just the last few days..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tonsils and Addison

Addison snores more than any little kid I know. And it doesn't matter where she falls asleep. She snores. Well we had to get her tonsils and adnoids taken out last Friday. And boy what an experience. Not only has my family been sick from what we think is the swine flu.. (we are going off what other that have had it have said and what the doctors are saying)

We got to the hospital and Addie was fine she was talking to a little girl climbed into her bed. But as soon as the wanted her to put the night gown on she freaked. And I have no idea why. Then her Dr. was late for an emergency at another hospital so we blew up the latex gloves and threw them played games.. Really anything that I could keep her happy with. Then they came back to get her. She kept asking me.."mom are you coming" I would tell her I would for a little bit. Then they wheeled her through the surgery doors. And I felt horrible. She was looking at me with the sadest face.

After the surgery was over the Dr. said she did great. They came and got me in recovery and they said that they had just given her morphine.. I was thinking ok we are going to be here forever. She is going to be so sleepy.. Oh no she was wide awake and demanding! And one of the first things she asked was to go play with her cousin Lily! We settled for calling Lily.

Well, 4 days into it and we are hanging in there. She is struggling with drinking and not eating anything. But she is a trooper! Here are some pictures..
before the nightgown
after the night gown

After surgery

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NayNa came

My sister Jayna (the kids call her Nayna) was living in Ohio.. And moved to L.A. so on her way through to Cali she stopped in to visit everyone. Addison wouldnt leave her alone and had to follow her everywhere. We played games and Jayna made cupcakes that turned out.. well.... they were good if you didnt have to look at them. We were so busy hanging and talking and laughing that the only picture I got was the beautiful one of her.

We think she was adopted.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Addison's First Party

A few weeks ago a little girl in our neighborhood invited Addie to a birthday "tea party" they were to wear Princess dresses and bring their favorite baby. Addison was sooooo excited she carried the invitation for the next week. She went and had alot fun. The party favors were adorable. The gave all the girls a little purse and a hat.. And Addison has been taking it everywhere. Here are a few pictures..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



As most of you know the boys went back to their ROOTS well at least where they were born and went to the FSU/Miami game with their dad.. And couldn't possibly pass up this opportunity! Keller is supposed to be this stud.. he looks like he's gonna throw up! And here's Preston look at his pose!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Best Friends!

A little over a week ago we had Addison's cousin Lily come over to play. Now a little about their relationship. It has gotten soooo much better.. but they have a love hate relationship with each other. They can't wait to see one another and play but after a little bit they can't take it anymore and have to be split up! Again... they have gotten alot better on this. You can actually have an afternoon where they play with very little fighting.. Anyways.. Lily came to play and Addie rushed to her and said come on lets go play. I can hear Addie's little drawers from her makeup table opening and closing.. This is what happened next..... they even had to take out each others hair and fix it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Keller Arrested

Keller got to sit in a cop car outside the FSU/Miami game on his birthday.. What a great birthday present huh.. Luckily it was Uncle Matt that came to the rescue!

Yesterday was Keller's 12 birthday so he was in Florida with his dad and Preston to watch the big game. He hung out with Parker and Uncle Tim and Aunt Carson and even got to spend the night with Uncle Matt and Aunt Jami.. We didn't get to celebrate his birthday here yet so that post will come soon!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Addison is 3!

My little Princess turned 3. All she talked about was her Dora birthday! We were lucky to have my mom here and most of Cory's family. She was so excited to eat her Dora cake and sing "Happy Birthday to Addie" she even sang it all day. And luckly most of her present had to do with Dora.. Here are a few pics. I know they are late ... But better late than never!

Ellie got some paper stuck to her head!



Turns out my computer has a virus! Ugghhh but I am using Cory's computer so I can post pictures! YAAAAHHHHH

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So Sorry

Now that things have calmed down here at home I have been wanting to blog and have tons of pics. But for some reason my camera is not loading them on my computer, so I gotta figure that out before I can tell alot of the things going on because there are some great pics.
The boys have started school. And they are enjoying it. Keller and Preston both say that they have really nice teachers. They are both playing football right now and are exhausted by the end ot the day. Addison and Ellie are keeping me busy. They are into everything and anything. Ellie will crawl along following Addie where ever she is just to get into what she is doing. She also loves to play with the door stoppers behind the doors. She likes the noise they make.
Addison had her 3rd birthday which I will post on when I figure out whats going on. But she got an Ariel necklace for her birthday that sings when you push the button. I stepped on it in her room. And I told her I was sorry and she said. "Thank you for saying your sorry" hmmm. I think she has heard that one to many times. She is also officially OUT of diapers. Not even at night.
Cory and I are still chugging along. And as you all know life has been very busy! But in the end very rewarding! Check around again soon!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My JOY's

Things here have been a little tough. Family things going on and so on. Which made me reflect on some things and made me think and be greatful.

Cory and I have been married for 4 yrs. Seems like longer maybe because I already had kids coming into the marriage. Although we do not agree all the time. I love him more than I can say. He would do anything for me or the kids. He is my JOY.

Keller is my oldest boy he will be turning 12 in Sept. and will get the Priesthood. What a big honor. Yes sometime I struggle with him. But he is so good to his sisters and they adore him.(this is the only good pic I have of Keller right now sorry)

Preston is the second oldest. He is the hardest working 9 yr old that I know. He is so kind and wants to help everyone that this often gets him walked on by others. But he doesn't care. He loves his family and really would do anything for them.

Addison! Well everyone has seen the posts. This little one always keeps me on my toes. She is active all over the place. Screams, yells. Is your typical 3 yr old. (Aug.19) but Look can you resist those eyes or lips? Or better yet when she comes up and gives you a hug out of the blue and says "I love you Mommy"

Ellie. The newest addition. Really I don't know that I have seen a better baby! She is so easy going lets you do whatever you want with her. We traveled around Europe and she was better than everyone else! She is a light to our family. She smiles and laughs and it is contagious. Right down from her Miss America wave when she says hi, to her growl that almost sounds evil. She is adorable.

This is the Carter Family. They are my pride, my JOY and part of ME! I love you all!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Look Some Photos!

This is what we have been up to!