Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Time and Myrtle Beach

It is summer time. And we always take a summer vacation together. This year we saved up points for flight made plans and booked everything to go visit family in Florida where I am from and where my husbands sister now lives as well. But weather had a different idea. A tropical storm was coming through and with things unsure of where it will land and when we got on with the airline and they switched our flight to Myrtle Beach S.C. which still was ok because my mom is from there and I have a brother and his kids in N.C. plus my parents just bought a condo there so we had free lodging! Our was a lot funner than we thought it would be. What would we do for a whole week. Well as a kid I went every year back there but couldn't remember. There was so much to do and it was great just getting back to the beach again I haven't been in almost 8 yrs. We had beach time. The girls I thought would be scared or hate it. You couldn't keep them away. Every morning they wanted to go back. The boys had fun skim boarding body boarding and doing the teenage beach thing of picking up chicks. We went to the pool everyday since there was one at the condo. We even bought a metal detector to find some stuff. It was a lot of fun and to the kids you would have thought we found buried treasures. My husband had always wanted to go deep sea fishing. He was so excited got all the gear got his lunch packed headed out at 5:30am for an 11 hr trip and was sick for the first 5 hrs got 2 fish on the line but never got them to the boat. So, he wasn't happy and I don't know that he will go again. Then my brother came down for a few days with his wife and 2 girls. One is 3 and she was in for an awakening with my girls. They played for a bit. But when it was time for pics my daughters a posing and she is looking at them like they are crazy. All in All Carter Summer Vaca was a blast!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

Our little girl is growing up! Addie had her K graduation they did an circus theme and everyone had parts. She was a clown and was so excited. At first she came home saying she was going to be a tight rope walker. But with the perfectionist that she is she said she couldn't walk the tape line so straight so she chose to be the clown instead. She did great and laughed and had fun the whole time. It was been a great year. But I am so excited that we are down with half day school, running from here and there. Now we can just focus on summer fun!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baseball Season!

Keller has started the baseball season once again. I always dread when it comes because it takes away every weekend that we have and we sometimes have to drive 3 hrs away since he is on a traveling team. But once it starts I absolutely love it! I wish I had pictures of his first few games but I always forget. But I will get some up. He has done really well thus far and we are excited for him. We did however go to a tournament in Mesquite Nevada. The boys played 2 days in a row double headers both days and when they were done of course wanted to have some teenage fun. The whole team pretty much stayed at the same hotel so the boys ran free. When I found my son to see if he wanted to get dinner with us this is what I caught up to. My son is the dork in the glasses. Even as studly as they try to be they are still goofballs.


The boys were gone and we didn't want to miss out of easter eggs with the kids so the girls and Cory and I did our eggs. They had so much fun. Love the smiles!

Preston turns 12

It has been so long since posting I know I go through phases.. This post is about our 12 yr old! Can you believe it. I sure can't. He has been waiting for this day. His birthday fell in the middle of the week so we celebrated at home with the family. Then that weekend we had a few friends over had pizza played games and went to see Hunger Games. Of course my husband and I were happy with that choice. We are so glad that Preston is part of our family. He brings so much love and helpfulness to our family. We are proud of who he is and where he is going.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wolves and Bears Oh My!

Yes I am finally posting. We have made the move to our new house so it has been a process. But here's a fun post. A few weeks ago we had some friends come up and visit us. We live about an hour from Yellowstone and so we decided to go take a drive up there. They have a town on the edge of the park called W. Yellowstone. There is a nature preserve that had bears and wolves. I was very impressed with how neat this was. With only 2 thinks to look at it kept us and the kids very entertained.
In the bear habitat they removed the bears and let the kids go and hide their food. The kids put in under logs in holes etc. Addison found the perfect spot. Her face was great when the bear went straight over to her food. Then the bear sat down for a little relaxation and I mean they sat. Like a person. It was also fun to see them wrestle each other. Next was the wolves. They were completely enclosed no food hiding for these guys. But it was still an awesome thing to see. Ellie got so excited when one came to the window to look at her she took my camera trying to take pictures. So, if anyone is heading this way I highly recommend this place. We have family coming next month and hope we get to take them there.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Her mama's daughter

My daughter found one of my masks and she knows exactly how to use it. Ever since she found it she has been using it every night.