Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kudos to My Sister in Law

I have to give thumbs up to my sister in law. She always finds the greatest blogs and I get totally hooked. Half of my favorites that are listed on here are from her. But this one is so fun! I have already told some other family members about it and stayed up late the first night reading through all the blogs.
This is totally a fake blog making fun of all us Mormon women. And yes, I am seriously so blessed because I see myself in her blogs and I know someone else has to be going through it also. I love the humor and its great that someone can find the fun in our culture. So, I'm passing it along and letting you that don't know about it to visit. You will have a good laugh for the day!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Opening of Duck Hunt

Saturday was the opening of the Duck Hunt. Keller worked for a week 4 hrs a day of classes to get his hunter safety to be able to go hunting for the first time. Cory took the boys out at 6:00am. They had so much fun. Preston wasn't able to shoot because he had to be 9. But he wanted to go along anyways and see. Don't they look like professionals!

Pretty Dress

Cory just got back from Korea and my request for him was a kimono dress for Addie. We have one from last year when he went but Addie has out grown it. And the are just so cute. So, Cory was giving out presents and pulled out the dress and Addie says "pretty dress" and wanted to wear it right then. I let her put it on for a minute then told her she could wear it to church on Sunday. She loved it twirled in her dress refused to take it off even to have cake and ice cream. How can you resist this!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Coming Home! Well to our trailer at least!

My husband has been gone for a week. And boy have I missed him. He has been in Korea working long hard hours for his company. We have really missed him here. Not just to help. But I have missed my husband. I don't sleep well when he is gone so I get very tired and frustrated through out the day.
So, it will be nice for him to be home talk spend time together and get a kiss. Instead of just from babies, or me giving for "boo boo's"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pulling My Hair Out

As many of you know of our living situation it's been an adventure. We have been told we are to hear about our house that we have an offer on this week. So we are keeping our fingers crossed. But in the mean time... if things weren't bad enough Cory has left me for a week to go to Korea. So, I have kids driving me crazy. I'm trying to keep a schedule for them, do homework and trying not to let Addison watch TV 24/7. But I must say that sometimes that is my peace when I can place a movie on for her and read or make bows or just take a much needed nap(since I don't sleep well without Cory anyways.) I will say it has been a blessing to have Cory's family right here for when I need those few moments that they can help with Addie or help me reinforce something with the boys. I tell myself that I really don't know how I was ever a single parent.
Because I can't seem to do it now!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Keller's Arrow of Light

I have been so bad lately wanting to post different things but forgetting others. We again as you may know are living during the day in Cory's parents house and at night sleeping in the trailer. The boys are having fun in school at the same elementary that Cory went to. The first day that they came home from school Preston was so thrilled to tell us that he has 3 girls that love him. The chased him at P.E. So, I guess we can say they are adjusting well.

Well right before we left Salem. Keller was able to get his Arrow Of Light award. It's the highest award that they can get in cub scouts. And its the transition into 11 yr old scouts. Keller loves to get attention. But does not show it well. He gets embarrassed. So, here is his pics from after the ceremony.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trailer Trash~ REALLY

I grew up in Tallahassee, Florida. Over all it is a great town. Home of Florida State University. Football, Leon High School, Lake Jackson, and Wakulla Springs! It's about an hour away from the nearest beaches and beautiful Gulf Coast line.
Growing up I new what hicks and trailer trash were. Everyone has them in their towns. But never in my life would I have ever expected that I would be that trailer trash. But, because of current circumstances. (we sold our house if you don't know and had to be out in less than 2 weeks and have yet to find another one.) I have learned that I truly am trailer trash. Barefoot, Pregnant a 2 yr old on my hip and living in a trailer. I find it so funny and fun that I have pictures now on here of our "lovely" living situation. I hope everyone gets a kick out of these. We all have our "own" space. So you will see our bedrooms and stuff to. ENJOY!!

Our Front Door- Welcome all who enter!

Master Bedroom
Keller's room
Preston's room

Addie's room ( also doubles as a closet)If you're wondering about a bathroom we have to run inside his parents house in the middle of the night. Because we decided that we didn't want to pull our house out once a week to go empty it. So, me I take like 3 trips to the bathroom at night! The joys of pregnancy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What Should We Name the Baby

So, I know I still have 2 more months but I like to be a little prepared. Cory thinks the name will just come to us at the hospital like it did with Addison. We had a totally different name picked out for her. But I have been asked several times "what are you naming the baby". I have no idea. I have names I like. And would love some feedback. My sister in law and I wrote down some of the names I like. And these are some of the top ones. I will say... Capri was a name a girl in my ward gave me. I was like umm.. did I hear her right? Then I told Cory's sister's and they love it and want me to name her that. So, I had to put that one in on here but anyone can vote for it. So I would love to see what everyone else thinks of some of the names! Have fun.
** Just a side note I am one of those people that likes different names that aren't always heard**

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yearbook Pics

My sister introduced me to this funny website. Called yearbookyourself.com
So, I had to do it. It's a little tough to get the pics right. But we will have the whole family on here soon! Mine is from 1968. And just like my sisters. I look just like my mom. I never realized how much before. At least I don't have the goofy glasses! , Cory's didn't come out so well. But his is from 1966. Keller 1982. Isn't Keller hot! Look at the afro. The first thing he said was "see I told you I have chest hair!!" Preston is from 1978. And Addison she is from 1984.

Dee Ann 1968 Cory 1966 Keller 1982 Preston 1978

Monday, September 8, 2008

Long Time No See

Well, it has been awhile since my last post and the Carter's have been very busy. Among having to be out of our house in a matter a little over a week. The day after we moved out we had to be at a wedding in Idaho. So in 4 days we have had to move out, had a wedding, baptism, birthday and house hunting. Whew.... We are still living in our camper trailer on the side of my in-law house. I never thought that I would be barefoot, pregnant, and homeless. Talk about trailer trash!