Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poor Addison

We were visiting grandma and decided to take a ride on some bikes. When Addison got her leg caught in the wheel. The rubber wheel gave her a huge burn and pulled off all her skin on the back. Then on the front of her leg she broke it. Its a pretty nasty little injury. Worst of all when I took her into urgent care she was only treated with a burn and sent home on tylenol. She had such a horrible night that we called and went back the next morning and they decided to do an x-ray. Thats when they found the fracture. And finally gave her some real medicine that will help her pain. I was so furious with all if this. We got back up to Idaho and went to the dr today and they won't put a hard cast on right now because her heel is so bad they are worried about it becoming infected. So in a few weeks we may be getting one on. It sure stinks because we are having great weather now and she wants to be outside playing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

West Yellowstone

Yep, again we took another trip. This time we went fishing at Henry's Lake and then took a little drive up to the little town of West Yellowstone. If you don't know it sits at the entrance of Yellowstone. We set up our chairs and got our poles ready. Addison kissed the worm. Ellie was scared to touch them Preston knew he was gonna catch a huge fish and Keller was just all about looking cool! Aren't the mountains beautiful!

Jackson Hole

The great thing about living in Idaho is how close we are to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. We had plans to go camping for Memorial Day but the snow still wasn't melting all the way in the mountains so we wouldn't be able to get our trailer up. We canceled the trip and went to Jackson Hole for the day. It was cold and rain/snowy. But a lot of fun!!