Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moments Like This

Cory is big on Christmas. I love it to. But The holidays from Halloween to Christmas come so quick that I want to enjoy all of them. And it seems this year that we just get our Thanksgiving stuff up everyone is putting up Christmas. I usually like to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas. But Cory was really getting excited ( we have been listening to Christmas music since July. We even had a Christmas in July day) And I was informed that it is coming a week earlier this year. Because Thanksgiving is a week later. So, for Family Night we put up Christmas.

There is no organization to it. At least not right now because we don't have a place for everything and we don't know where half our Christmas stuff is because we haven't fully unpacked. But, it is tradition to let the kids decorate however they would like. I must say this year we were pleased. They did pretty well. Other than Addie the 2 year old that has to touch and pull on everything. Everything was finished but.. the Christmas village. And we weren't sure where to put it because we knew Addie would mess it up anyway. We went ahead and put it under the tree. I walked out of the room and Cory came in and said come see this.

What a moment! Very peaceful and sweet. Some of the pictures are to dark. But they meant alot to us!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Poll

I haven't seen it yet. And I don't know when I will get to. But I'm curious whether you liked the books or not. Did you like the movie? My husband promises to go with me when we go. So, I hope it will be good enough for him to keep his interest. Because he already loathes Edward!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bite Me

I'm sure just like 99.9% of the women out there are either posting reading or counting down the minutes for this movie. (Except maybe my very intellectual I need to read something with substance, Obama shaking hand sister that starts with a J and ends with an A and has AYNA in between)
It is finally here! And I can't go!
I have been sick. And don't get me wrong that is not something that would have stopped me. But with everything going on I didn't get tickets and its hard to leave my newborn when the movie will be playing right in the middle of her feeding time. So, I have to not be so selfish and just wait. And who knows when that will be because we are finishing our basement and have to paint so that the carpet can come. We hope to have that done this weekend. Then we are going to watch the big "game" well to Cory it's the big game.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Styling Mishaps!

Because Addie and I have been sick and with a new baby. I have been slacking in the hair department. Not that I am very creative with her hairstyles. Or can make her sit that long to do some really cute ones! Addie decided to brush her own hair this morning. This was the result! Sorry she wouldn't stay still to get a good shot.

Sick, Sick, Sick

Well, we have almost all had it now. First it started with Cory the day after I got home with the baby from the hospital then, Addison, now Ellie and I have it. And I feel so bad for these little ones because you can't do anything for them. But suction their nose and then they get really mad. Not only was I up almost all night because of me not feeling good. But Ellie kept coughing and couldn't breath well. We had the humidifier in by her bed. So, I'm sure that helped some. Then Addie was coughing through the night too. I forgot how hard this baby and 2 yr old thing is. Thats whats hard about being a mom. You always take care of everyone sick. Then you get sick and you still have to take care of everyone. Luckily my husband helps me as much as he can. And I am very VERY lucky for that and him!

With all this sickness, Addie has been taking lots of baths and watching lots of movies. Anything to keep her happy and me some rest!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Addie and Dress Up

Addison has been playing fashion "Diva" lately. She changes in all different clothes throughout the day and wants to wear "pretty dresses" as well as showing them off to everyone. Here she decided to put on her swimsuit. I told her it was to cold so she put pants on under the bottom.And of course her Dorothy shoes. Wow.. that made it so much warmer.


Today we gave Ellie a bath. Her first one at home. Addison had to help and was right there putting shampoo on her hands and getting her clothes ready. What a fun time. I didn't think Ellie would like it. The nurses at the hospital said she cried when they gave her one. So I was fully expecting that. But as you can see she is very content.


Addison has had a binky and in the mists of trying to move and bring a baby home I have been very bad at taking it away. So, she loves "Wizard of Oz" and we got her some Dorothy shoes that we said was a present from Ellie. And her present to Ellie was her binkies because she is a BIG girl now.
Well any chance Addie can get she wants to "hold" the binky or "play" with the binky. We at first had let her do that. Because I'm sure it is hard to give up especially with all these new changes. And at night it is a comfort to her. She wakes up and wants it. So, we let her hold it and then she would disappear behind couches, cabinets or go in other rooms. And we could her sucking noises. We would call her and she would hurry take it out of her mouth come out with a big smile like she hasn't done anything wrong. I tell you. She is only 2 yrs old and is one heck of a smart cookie! Now does she get the being sneaky from her dad or me? I'd like to think she is getting her smarts from me.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ok, maybe it was just because we had to come up with a name so quick. But I am going to stay with Ellie. There is to much work involved with changing it. And how many babies actually looks like their name right away? I know that she will grow into it. So, there we go. And .. I was never going to say this is the name because it was the one that was the most popular voted for.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Name Change

Because of how quick we had to decide on the babies name. I am struggling. Is this really the right name. So, I have 24hrs. to decide. Help me!
Does she look like an Ellie Jo or Quincee Jo?
( Jo is staying. It's a family name on both sides and it will be her middle name.)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's in a Name

Ellie Jo Carter
Born November 4, 2008
11:35 am
6 pds 4 ounces
20 inches

It took us awhile and a coin flip to decide on the name.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby Carter

We did it. This morning Tues. Nov. 4th at 11:35 Baby Girl Carter was born. She weighs 6 pds 4 ounces. 20 inches long. Very cute but I'm the mom so I can say that. We weren't sure if today was going to be the day because I have had some "false" labor. We don't have a name set yet. So we will let everyone know that as soon as we decide. But that's the update!! At least I can say we made it in our house for 4 days before she came. Perfect timing or what! Thanks to everyone for all the help!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Small Post, BIG news

This is going to be short and to the point. We have moved into our house. I have no internet right now. So I am taking a second to say HOORAY to me. We are in our house. Messy and disorganized. But we made it in before a baby came. Which is still in.. Hope everyone is doing well!!!