Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baseball Season!

Keller has started the baseball season once again. I always dread when it comes because it takes away every weekend that we have and we sometimes have to drive 3 hrs away since he is on a traveling team. But once it starts I absolutely love it! I wish I had pictures of his first few games but I always forget. But I will get some up. He has done really well thus far and we are excited for him. We did however go to a tournament in Mesquite Nevada. The boys played 2 days in a row double headers both days and when they were done of course wanted to have some teenage fun. The whole team pretty much stayed at the same hotel so the boys ran free. When I found my son to see if he wanted to get dinner with us this is what I caught up to. My son is the dork in the glasses. Even as studly as they try to be they are still goofballs.

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